Sunken Tower

Remnants of a camp encircle a rope ladder… …After descending on the knotted rope for several minutes you reach the end. An unlit tunnel, winding downwards, Cacklevine creeping along the ceiling.

Fighting through the mines, the excavation team and overcoming the maze of the tunnels. An underground sea was discovered, the makeshift harbor being the stage for a fight with the possessed hermit wizard and his minions; keeping a cultist alive for questioning. A few of the Dark Ones took the ship and fled into the sea. The PCs hastily followed suit using a Dead Mans Scroll.

The ships drifted silently into the dark while the PCs interrogated Sundar Ironbeard III eventually killing him. While they slept a shadowy assailant threw a bloody piece into the sea luring a kraken which began attacking the ship, narrowly keeping the ship floating well enough to reach its destination.

A dark tower loomed overhead, made of the same dark iron as the dagger and Ring. The tower welcomed them in, the insides draped in Cacklevine. In the center a throne was encircled by statues of the false gods; with a duplicate of Cythis. When sitting in the throne it would raise the area up to map of the world. The PCs were assisted by the Spirit Ring; the map would change the location of the transporting portal in the base of the tower. In order to make sure later explorers and cultists who may have found the tower the PCs detonated the inside of the tower as they traveled to the last used location.

Shards of the False Gods

Face of FelcroftBracers of MardukCloak of ElrithOmen of CythisCrown of Cythis



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