Dark kin have always wandered the world, but over the last month they have always been seen traveling to the east. Rumors are abound about what could draw the Dark kin into a unified movement.

PCs traveled along an eastbound road to Dragons Fall by hiring themselves out to a caravan of merchants and mercenaries. The caravan were blocked by a barricade of fallen trees where they were ambushed by Dark kin throwing dragon eggs, which in turn lured the enraged Black Dragon. After fighting off the Dragon, the PCs continued on their way.

As night and rain descended, the PCs took refuge in Ogar’s Tavern. In the night, Dark kin were spotted and tracked to a clearing where their tracks vanished in front of an abandoned cabin. The ghosts of the owners played tricks with their minds until the source of their anguish was found in an impromptu tomb hidden in the basement; A ring. Taking the ring caused the cabin to disappear once the PCs had left it.

The next morning the PCs continued their travels eventually reaching the tunneled entrance to Dragons Fall.



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