Cackling Swamps

After an hours walk through the dimly lit tunnel, the walls and ceiling begin to open up revealing the night sky and the village of Dragons Fall.

Eager to help the town remove its lizardman problem the PCs quickly set about preparing themselves. After some coercion of the guards, the PCs entered the Ironback mine. Quickly being escorted to the halls of knowledge searching for information on Lizardmen tribes and another group of adventurers who traveled into the swamps recently; only a wizard had remained in the swamps for reasons unknown and he’d traveled North-east towards the lizardfolk tribes.

A half day of walking through the Cackling Swamps. A brief incursion with a the lizardmen assured them they were traveling in the right direction. Eventually discovering the hovel of the wizard, they found remnants of his journal hinting at a hidden mine in the area, as well as discovering a dagger made of black iron.



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