The shrine was carved out of a massive oak, moonlight shines through the walls. Rain batters the walls, thunder rumbling through the ground at a constant pace.

After exiting the shrine the drums thundering from the nearby Burning Mountain beats constantly; Orc warbands clashing in constant war can be seen flowing to and fro from the mountain. The PCs set out quickly down the mountain Hub, discovering that the mountain is encircled by symbols of felcroft. Haggar rushed to the PCs aid, quickly navigating them into the adventurers settlement nestled in the entrance of the dead Fire-eye mine.

Sunken Tower

Remnants of a camp encircle a rope ladder… …After descending on the knotted rope for several minutes you reach the end. An unlit tunnel, winding downwards, Cacklevine creeping along the ceiling.

Fighting through the mines, the excavation team and overcoming the maze of the tunnels. An underground sea was discovered, the makeshift harbor being the stage for a fight with the possessed hermit wizard and his minions; keeping a cultist alive for questioning. A few of the Dark Ones took the ship and fled into the sea. The PCs hastily followed suit using a Dead Mans Scroll.

The ships drifted silently into the dark while the PCs interrogated Sundar Ironbeard III eventually killing him. While they slept a shadowy assailant threw a bloody piece into the sea luring a kraken which began attacking the ship, narrowly keeping the ship floating well enough to reach its destination.

A dark tower loomed overhead, made of the same dark iron as the dagger and Ring. The tower welcomed them in, the insides draped in Cacklevine. In the center a throne was encircled by statues of the false gods; with a duplicate of Cythis. When sitting in the throne it would raise the area up to map of the world. The PCs were assisted by the Spirit Ring; the map would change the location of the transporting portal in the base of the tower. In order to make sure later explorers and cultists who may have found the tower the PCs detonated the inside of the tower as they traveled to the last used location.

Shards of the False Gods

Face of FelcroftBracers of MardukCloak of ElrithOmen of CythisCrown of Cythis

Cackling Swamps

After an hours walk through the dimly lit tunnel, the walls and ceiling begin to open up revealing the night sky and the village of Dragons Fall.

Eager to help the town remove its lizardman problem the PCs quickly set about preparing themselves. After some coercion of the guards, the PCs entered the Ironback mine. Quickly being escorted to the halls of knowledge searching for information on Lizardmen tribes and another group of adventurers who traveled into the swamps recently; only a wizard had remained in the swamps for reasons unknown and he’d traveled North-east towards the lizardfolk tribes.

A half day of walking through the Cackling Swamps. A brief incursion with a the lizardmen assured them they were traveling in the right direction. Eventually discovering the hovel of the wizard, they found remnants of his journal hinting at a hidden mine in the area, as well as discovering a dagger made of black iron.

Easy Money

Dark kin have always wandered the world, but over the last month they have always been seen traveling to the east. Rumors are abound about what could draw the Dark kin into a unified movement.

PCs traveled along an eastbound road to Dragons Fall by hiring themselves out to a caravan of merchants and mercenaries. The caravan were blocked by a barricade of fallen trees where they were ambushed by Dark kin throwing dragon eggs, which in turn lured the enraged Black Dragon. After fighting off the Dragon, the PCs continued on their way.

As night and rain descended, the PCs took refuge in Ogar’s Tavern. In the night, Dark kin were spotted and tracked to a clearing where their tracks vanished in front of an abandoned cabin. The ghosts of the owners played tricks with their minds until the source of their anguish was found in an impromptu tomb hidden in the basement; A ring. Taking the ring caused the cabin to disappear once the PCs had left it.

The next morning the PCs continued their travels eventually reaching the tunneled entrance to Dragons Fall.


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